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About our Organization

The INDUS WAY has been deeply rooted over the past 38 years of business and is engrained in the way we operate on a day-to-day basis. A creed of unmatched customer service has led to unparallel customer loyalty and satisfaction. A privately held business since 1985, Indus has its roots entrenched in the micrographics industry. Dating back to the 1960’s and earlier the facility that Indus presently occupies was previously operated by NCR.

During the 1970’s early 1980’s the micrographics industry thrived and NCR flourished. However, in 1985, NCR decided to exit the micrographics industry and close their West Salem, Wisconsin plant. Twenty-five jobs were retained because of the establishment of a new company, Indus International, Inc. whose founder and President is Ameen Ayoob. Indus International, Inc. is a Minority Owned business as certified by the State of Wisconsin and is classified as a Small Business as defined by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Early Years

The newly formed company embarked on expansion of their product line by designing Microfiche and Microfilm Readers for the United States Defense Department and the Library market. In Indus’s first year of operation, after qualifying as a MIL-SPEC manufacturing facility, they were awarded their first contract by the Department of Defense for the manufacture of 14,000 MIL-SPEC Microfiche Readers for use by the Defense Department.

In 1987, employment peaked from an initial 25 people to 47 people to fulfill the government contract. Indus has consistently tried to be at the forefront of their industry by bringing to the market new products such as a Reader-in-a-Briefcase which was introduced in 1987 and a Jumbo Fiche which was introduced in 1988, primarily for the European auto industry.

In 1990 Indus started manufacturing a Library and Genealogy Microfilm Reader for use in libraries and for genealogy study. The product was also designed to meet the ADA (American Disability Act) requirements for library equipment.

In 1993, Indus was awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the Governor of the State of Wisconsin for being a state leader in the practice of Total Quality Management.

Having a global presence in the micrographics industry has been crucial in maintaining the viability of that aspect of the business. Indus is 1 of 2 manufacturers left in the world for the micrographics industry and continues to produce products for sale within the U.S. as well as globally including Europe, the Far East, South America and Australia through large American Corporations such as Eastman Kodak, 3M and NCR Corporation. In many countries the product line is sold by well-established local dealers and resellers.


As Indus anticipated the decline of the micrographics industry they were very proactive in finding new avenues to pursue business interests in. In 1989, Indus planned for its transition to newer technology by establishing Indus MIS, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, to explore opportunities in the electronic information management field.

Researching the technology that managed information electronically resulted in developing a system that was introduced in 1992 called Virtual Office Information. Indus’s expertise in the Records Management field helped us in developing a very robust and productivity oriented system.

The next several years saw Indus’s clients pursue the process of converting their paper files and records to electronic means and storing, archiving and retrieving it via Virtual Office. This led to the sale of sheet-fed scanners to assist in mass conversions for many clients including Fortune 1000 companies, insurance companies and banks, among others.

This found Indus also entering the service world as many companies hired our services to do the file conversion for them. Among them was a company that asked for their entire records department dating back 75 years to be converted. This project was undertaken at the client’s site with a Project Manager on site and anywhere from 3-11 employees working full time for a 4 year period scanning, indexing and uploading over 6 million documents into Virtual Office!


The next logical transition for Indus took place in the year 2000. Within the file conversion and data management industry the next logical stepping stone was to enter the Book Scanner market which carried a vast and limitless captive audience of the library industry including University Libraries, Public Libraries, Research facilities and Government entities such as the Library of Congress and County Government offices.

In the year 2000, Indus contracted with the makers of the Bookeye line of scanners and under our private label began selling the BookScanner 5001 and later the BookScanner 5002 to the library industry. As the years have passed Bookeye has added more scanners to their line which we also sell. As the Book Scanner market continues to grow and mature Indus has contracted with other manufacturers including ProServ for large format Book Scanners like the XL7000 Planscan. We now have a very thorough and complete line of over 25 book scanners for all niches and capabilities.


In 2009, after 9 years of selling Book Scanners to the Library and University Library markets as well as County Government offices Indus decided to undertake the production, development and design of their very own Book Scanner. Taking the good and bad of each scanner Indus has sold over the years and receiving valuable input from our clients we set out to create a book scanner that was versatile, practical, affordable and very user friendly.

After 1 year of research and development the Book Scanner 9000 had its launch party at the 2011 ALA (American Library Association) San Diego convention in January of 2011. The Book Scanner 9000 is the first U.S. manufactured overhead book scanner on the market and has already found itself very favorable reviews and positive press.


Indus is always keeping a watchful eye out for businesses that would be mutually beneficial for Indus and its partners. In the year 2000, Indus acquired Maple Development which manufactured the Series3000 Microfilm Processor. In 2003, Indus acquired the Screen Scan product under contract arrangement. In 2007, Indus acquired Eastman Kodak’s Microfilm Jacket business.

Most recently, in 2010, Indus acquired the rights to sell various products from the Konica Minolta family including the ALOS line of products such as the Z-Scan 46-II and the Z-Scan 47 Microform Reader/Printer/Scanner solutions. Konica Minolta also gave Indus worldwide rights to two of their overhead book scanners, which we are marketing under our private label; the BookScanner 5000-II and the BookScanner 7000-II.